Educational project for international students on urban ecosystem and supply chain

From Seed to Spoon” is a three year educational project coordinated by the Università Cattolica di Piacenza, which aims at improving student’s knowledge on the complexity of the food system as well as the importance of ecosystem services and nature, which is not only decorative but rather it provides “living” infrastructures required for an adequate physical, psychological and social


The project is articulated in three main steps:

- Step 1: We all learn! It includes an e-learning journey for all participating high schools. The goal of this activity is to provide students with knowledge on ecosystem services and their multiple functions and value, and related subjects.

- Step 2: Learn & Work, Work & Learn! Practical classes for visiting students in Italy will be implemented. Researchers will deliver practical classes and lab activities to students on animal and plant species providing and/or promoting ecosystem services.

- Step 3: Share & Learn, Learn & Share! The goal of this activity is that local students will implement the knowledge acquired in their home country (Italy, Greece, Romania and Sweden); moreover, knowledge and experiences on different ecosystem services present in a different Country will be shared among participants.

The project is based on the principles of inclusive learning and promotes knowledge sharing as well as student’s participation in civic and social life.

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